Steve Davis, in his own words

Steve Davis is an American Artist based in Phoenix, AZ where he’s  been an active musician, both locally and nationally since 1977. Starting with The Ties in 1979, quickly followed by The Shivers 1980-1985. P.O.A ran its course 1989-1990, Last lineup of Hellfire 1990-1991, as well as the last lineup of The Voice 1991. The Brand 2014-2017. He also served time in U.S. Bombs 2017-2019. 

Glass Heroes 1991 to the present. Phoenix Casual 2014 to the present. Steve currently has a group Stevie and the Sleaze performing locally.

Born October 12 1956 in Tuscola, IL, to a German mother and American GI, he moved with his mother to  Central Phoenix in 1968. In 1976, after listening to The Ramones first LP, he was driven to pick up a bass for the first time. The rest is history.

He started painting in 2004. He’s had exhibitions Coast To Coast. Currently showing at Grand Art Haus, Phoenix, AZ for the 12×12 group exhibit.

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Ed Masley, Arizona Republic Wrote

Nineteen-seventy-seven is the year he started playing music.

“I’m a late bloomer,” he says. “Me and my friend had a great record collection. And all our friends were doing it so we thought, ‘Well, (expletive), we can do this too.’ That’s when I started playing. I got the bass I play today in ’77. It’s a 1963 Fender P bass.”

He’d been a big fan of T. Rex and David Bowie in the glam years, Davis says. But it was the Ramones that made him want to play.

“That’s what changed me,” he says.

That first band never made it past the living room, he says.

That’s when he started the Veins.

“The name made sense to us,” Davis recalls, with a laugh. “We were drug addicts.”

When their singer went missing in action, the Veins evolved into the Shivers.

“When the Lords of the New Church and those bands would come through town in the ‘80s, we would open up for them with the Shivers,” Davis says.

He briefly shared the stage with Kevin Daly in the final days of Hellfire.

But his longest stint in any band has been with the Glass Heroes, a street-punk band he founded in the early ’90s with Keith Jackson.

“Hellfire, our farewell show was out in Tempe somewhere,” Davis says. “Keith came up to me that night and asked if I wanted to start a band. I was at his house the next day and we wrote the first album in a couple weeks. That was 1991.”

Not long after forming that band, he and Jackson briefly joined a five-piece called the Voice, returning to the Heroes when the Voice broke up.

Glass Heroes haven’t played much since Pistol Pete Kelly, their drummer, died in November, 2015, of a heart attack.

When Davis got the call from Tom Lopez at Slope Records asking him if he could join the U.S. Bombs on tour in mid-2017, they didn’t have to ask him twice.

“Just based on my reputation, somebody threw my name into the hat,” he says. “So I said, ‘Yeah, I’ll hook up with your tour. Where you want me and when?’ So I hooked up with them in San Bernardino for show No. 3. And by the end of that tour, I was the bass player.”